String Critic was started in 2011 with the idea of reviewing many different guitar string brands and comparing them with audio samples. The focus of the reviews is primarily acoustic steel string guitar and nylon string classical guitar.

What makes String Critic different from other string reviews you find online? Audio and/or video samples are included with each review. In addition, ratings here are based on many specific criteria and not just assigned a total generic score of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. A generic score like this tells you very little information aside from the reviewers overall impression. The reasons for the score are often unclear or unknown. Also with anonymous reviews you aren't sure if the person writing the review is biased or has even tried the string in question. Aside from my review, you can listen or watch for yourself and make up your own mind about which is better. Alongside each review at the top you will also find a media player built into the site to play audio samples of each string tested.

This site no longer relies on ads for revenue. It exists now solely on donations. If you'd like to support me and this site and see more strings reviewed please donate in the donate section using paypal. Donate Section Thank you.

Being a musician myself, I wanted to find a place online where I could sample different strings, or at least get another's opinion before taking the time to string my guitar with a whole new set of strings. Of course, trying the strings on your own guitar will give you the best idea of what is best on your guitar. This site will hopefully give you a head start on finding the right strings for you.

Rating Criteria

Strings are rated based on 17 attributes. A score is given for each attribute from a scale of 1 to 10. These scores are then added for a total score. The total possible score is 170. A string must be exceptional to rate above an average of 5 on any attribute. To score below 5 on any attribute signifies that the string has problems in this area or stands out as worse than other strings on this attribute. Alongside the written reviews are sound samples of the strings in action playing songs. Using the built in media player located at the top of each string review, you can hear the samples and judge for yourself what your favorite strings for the job are.